PFPB raises funds through sales of our exclusive merchandise, hosted events, auctions of donated artwork, and donations from our hundreds of thousands of fans.

PFPB is a registered 501c3 not-for-profit organization. Because of this, funds raised return directly to the cause.  Our tax returns and accounting are transparent and publicly accessible, and everything we do is accomplished with the dogs in mind.

Our funds are utilized in many different ways:


First and foremost, we are a group of humane educators.  PFPB works alongside dog trainers, behaviorists, rescue organizations, and other animal welfare groups to obtain only the most recent, well researched information possible.  Funds are used to create educational materials, train our staff of volunteers, and host educational seminars and programs for the public.  PFPB believes that education is the key to combat breed discrimination, animal cruelty, and pet over-population.  We collaborated with Kansas-based Game Dog Guardian to create a set of educational materials and quick fact guides that will help any dog owner or animal lover effectively and logically defend their companions against breed discriminatory laws that threaten their cities and towns. We also seek to keep this type of information updated with the most recent, factual, scientific-based research that we can endorse to help all communities.


PFPB also directly helps individual dogs in need, rescues and shelters.  Most of our volunteers are directly involved in their own rescue work in their communities. Our founder is an active volunteer with the Asheville Humane Society’s CGC program. She also assists with HSUS Animal Rescue Team when called upon, and most recently assisted on a puppy mill/hoarding bust in GA in 2017 where she adopted a little Pomeranian named Pepita Nugget O’Possum. In the past, she was on the front lines of the Winslow Township dog hoarding bust, helping humane law officers handle, treat, and re-home over thirty pit-bull type dogs seized from one property along with rescue efforts following Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy.

PFPB has also assisted in numerous emergency rescue situations.  In 2017, we saved 1,009 dogs from death row.  In 2016, we saved 1,003 dogs. Since 2014, when we finally started tracking this, we have saved nearly 3,500 dogs from death row. 


We believe that all dogs should be considered for rehabilitation, and all dogs deserve a chance. In the past, PFPB sponsored the health care and veterinary bills for countless dogs. This included victims of severe cruelty, Willie and Kate, who suffered axe wounds to their skulls before they were rescued. Leonidas the Brave, a puppy who was dangled over a fence as bait for fighting dogs, lost two of his limbs and was sponsored by PFPB.  We will support any rescue organization or shelter that is pit-bull type dog friendly, practices humane training methods, and believes that each life is worthy of its time. PFPB supports positive reinforcement training, smart dog handling methods, and an overall sense of proper dog ownership.  While this support is not always monetary, we have access to our vast network which can assist in almost every case. Our courtesy posts also provide marketing relief for the overtaxed rescues, shelters, and individuals in need. We provide a unique resource to our community so that each organization can focus on what they do best! It’s a group effort and we are proud to be able to work together with so many wonderful people to help our beloved fur friends in need.




Walking nicely is a life skill that when missing can significantly and negatively impact the human-canine relationship resulting in fewer walks, less exercise and a decrease in social exposure for the dog. For this reason DogNostics developed the “Walk This Way” workshop options to support you, supporting  and educating  clients and pet dogs in your communityThis DogNostics program can be used for private one-on-one training sessions, a group class curriculum or a workshop event. Flexible professional programs to meet your every need! Click to purchase the “Walk This Way” Program. 


We have partnered with some amazing humane educators over the years.  This has included Animal Planet’s “Pit Boss,” Luigi “Shorty” Rossi; as well as author of the bestselling book Oogy: the Dog Only a Family Could Love, Larry Levin.  We have also worked with The Pet Professional Guild and recently became a Best Friends Network Partner.  PFPB raises awareness for the plight facing pit-bull type dogs and shelter dogs of all breed types in the world today.  PFPB regularly focuses its efforts to garner positive media attention through its direct following at events throughout the country and abroad. PFPB hopes that every person they reach will embrace our message, share it, and help to change the current status for pit-bull type dogs around the world.

Fight Fiction with FACTS: Deirdre Franklin’s Master’s Thesis (Case Study) on Breed Specific Legislation is now available online on the HSUS Animal Studies Repository.


The research performed provided several insights and outcomes that were anticipated in the research question. By analyzing the effects of breed specific legislation (BSL) and the statistics relative to dog bites, dog shelters and rescue groups, it became clear that the BSL does not work. This case study provides extensive proof to support this conclusion.

 Recommended Citation

Read it here.

The Pet Professional Guild OPPOSES Breed Specific Legislation. Read their Position Statement here. Read what the experts say here.

10 Myths About Pit Bulls Debunked by Deirdre Franklin & Linda Lombardi on

All dogs are special, but living with a pit bull really is different. While they’re incredibly popular, they also have a reputation that makes many fear them. Pit bull owners know how loyal and lovable their dogs are, but they can be affected by unfair laws and policies. In The Pit Bull Life you’ll learn the history of this category of dog and what you can do to help secure its present and future. You’ll also get information about how to find a good match and read inspiring stories of people who’ve devoted their lives to this special dog. In an effort to clear the pit bull name, the authors of The Pit Bull Life debunked 10 popular pit bull myths for PEOPLE.

Read the whole piece here.

Fostering Article by Linda Lombardi featuring Carrie Santiago, Our 2016 Pin-Up in Associated Press:


Ask anyone who fosters dogs and they’ll tell you that everyone says it.

“I hear it almost every time I adopt out a dog: ‘I don’t know how you do this, I wouldn’t be able to let them go,'” says Anne Auditore of Richmond, Virginia, intake coordinator for Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. But many people who foster dogs have pretty much the same reply: Sure, you sometimes feel that way — but not as much as you might think. Says Auditore, “You can love them all, but they’re still not a good fit for your family.”

The kids wouldn’t be able to stand it, though, right? Forming an attachment and then saying goodbye?

In fact, in Denise Dunn’s case, fostering was her daughter’s idea.

“We had the dog for one day and she was all, ‘We can never give this dog back,'” says Dunn, who fosters for the Southside SPCA in Virginia. “However, after several days, she came to her senses and realized we were not looking for another member of our family, we’re looking to help find this dog a home.”

OK, so maybe the kids are good with it, but what about the dog you already have?

First impressions are important. “You have to understand that each animal is going to change the dynamic of your household in a different way,” says Carrie Santiago of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, who fosters for The Southern Dog. “I always introduce them in a neutral area. I don’t bring a dog into my home and say, ‘Have a free-for-all.'”

Read more, or download PDF: Saying goodbye

These Pretty Ladies Would Like To Talk To You About Pit Bulls: By Arin Greenwood of Huffington Post

Hey sailor, would you like to talk about why laws that ban or otherwise restrict the ownership of pit bulls aren’t an effective way to promote public safety?

Deirdre Franklin has been combining her interests in slinky retro fashion and blocky headed dogs for about a decade now.

The founder of Pinups for Pitbulls, Franklin is a burlesque performer going by the stage name “Little Darling.” She got involved in the dog cause while volunteering as a teenager at a Philadelphia animal shelter that had a policy of putting down every pit that came through its doors.

After one especially heartbreaking euthanasia, she sought out a pit bull of her own, and came to adopt a pup named Carla Lou from a Texas rescue group who shipped the dog even though Franklin was so young and far away. Read more here.

Recent Dog Bite Research by National Canine Research Council in JAVMA:


In December, 2013, The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) published the most comprehensive multifactorial study of dog bite-related fatalities (DBRFs) to be completed since the subject was first studied in the 1970’s.1 It is based on investigative techniques not previously employed in dog bite or DBRF studies and identified a significant co- occurrence of multiple potentially preventable factors. Read the rest of the article here.

Homeowners Insurance for Dog Lovers

You’ve asked us for a “cheat sheet” on dog friendly homeowner insurance companies. We listened! The following PDF is available for download and is chock full of great insurance companies that do not discriminate based on “breed.” Some even give back to dog rescue! Feel free to share! Insurance Companies

PFPB & The Pit Bull Guru (Drayton Michaels)

Check out our Dog Training FAQ that was compiled by our dear friend and trusted partner in the betterment of the human-canine bond.

Behavior Document

PFPB & Game Dog Guardian

Since 2005, Pinups for Pitbulls has worked to educate the public about the history and temperament of the American Pit Bull Terrier, and to raise awareness about breed specific legislation and breed discriminatory policies. Game Dog Guardian is a steward not only of dogs, but also of people, ideas, liberty, community, critical thinking, and equality. Sharing a similar vision, PFPB teamed up with Game Dog Guardian to create a nexus of community outreach and education to further their mission. Read more

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