Total Lives Saved since 2015

519 Saved
71% Success Rate
37% Adopted
60% Rescued
3% In Foster

Grand Total 7,069 since 2015*

95% were shelter dogs
3.6% were dogs in rescue
1.4% were personal companion animals

Top 5 states utilizing our FREE courtesy posts were: PA, NY, CA, NJ and TX

Here are are all of their beautiful faces! Your donations, social shares, and support keep this work moving. Thank you!

*We only began tracking in 2015 but have been offering courtesy listings since 2005. We would guess that we’ve assisted with thousands of placements in addition to these counts. These are the counts for the orgs that get back to us. Oftentimes, we don’t hear back but placement was successful. We can’t quantify that so it’s not reflected in the #’s which we’d imagine would also add hundreds if not thousands more to the count.

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NPR Interview!

Snippet: Now we have social media, we have all these different ways that people can not just make an allegation about a certain kind of dog, but then that story then continues 300 times if it has the term pit bull in it, which gets people’s attention and it just keeps going and it gets out of control pretty fast
Deirdre Franklin, Co-author of the book, “The Pit Bull Life”

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Fox 29 Philadelphia Feature!

Bill Rohrer of Fox 29 spent the day on set of our 2020 calendar cover shoot with Deirdre (Little Darling), Pepi and Baxter at Celeste Giuliano’s Studio! Check out this amazing feature!

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Our Founder's Master's Thesis Has Been Published! Download your free copy!

The research performed provided several insights and outcomes that were anticipated in the research question. By analyzing the effects of breed specific legislation (BSL) and the statistics relative to dog bites, dog shelters and rescue groups, it became clear that the BSL does not work. This case study provides extensive proof to support this conclusion.

Recommended Citation
Franklin, Deirdre S., “Public Policy: Community Safety Through Breed Bans?” (2013). Animals and Public Policy. 1.

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