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2023 Shoot dates will be determined sometime in 2022. Please take that into account when applying. Until the world opens back up, our guess is as good as yours as to when that might be.


We hope everyone is still doing well and maintaining their livelihoods the best that they can during this continued unprecedented time.  As you know, we have all been affected by the restrictions and potential health effects of this ongoing pandemic.


We continue to alter many plans due to countless event cancellations and postponements, as well as the general public continuing to be faced with decreased income opportunities and an uncertain future.  Because of this, we are again changing our plans for the Model Call and are looking ahead even further.  As you know, the photo shoots typically take place from January through March , with the shoots taking place in June in Philadelphia, PA with Celeste Giuliano Photography.

We are creating an extended and rolling Model Call period indefinitely in order to allow everyone additional opportunities, as well as a later timeline to avoid health & travel-related restrictions.


Everyone who has applied during last year’s process will automatically be moved on to the second round of voting for next year’s Model Call and the 2023 Calendar.  You put forth the effort to apply and your donations have been keeping us afloat so we can continue our work. We want to recognize you for that.  You do not have to reapply next year!  But, your continued promotion of this contest will definitely make you stand out to our judging panel! You have automatically moved on to the second round of judging if you had applied through June 15, 2020!  For our Facebook Fundraisers, you too are being moved on to the next round!  Additional recognition and consideration is always given to those who take the extra steps to help fund this organization and help spread our mission!  We are still honoring the highest Facebook fundraiser (from the 2021 model call opening date through June 15, 2020) with a guaranteed spot for the 2023 Calendar Shoots!


We have decided to let the contest still run into next year, at a date yet to be determined, to allow people more time to apply at their leisure.  All other rules and guidance can still be found on the application page at


This was a very difficult decision for us to make.  We look forward to this process every year and as well as welcoming new members into our team and family! We look forward to getting back into this process as soon as possible and just want everyone to stay safe, healthy, and not have to worry about travel arrangements or their health with all of the challenges facing everyone.


We know that the public relies on us each year to put out a beautiful calendar with wonderful images of dogs and their people.  We still want to provide this! It’s a vital tool for our organization to open up community conversations about dogs and safety.   Due to the financial constraints that the Pandemic has presented for our organization, we will be creating another “Best Of” calendar for 2022 based on images used in past calendars.  We will still have a team of dedicated judges who are familiar with our history and operations and will be working closely with Celeste and David to create a calendar that still adds excitement and features our beloved dogs in a positive light! After travel restrictions ease and events start again, we will be able to carry our Calendars at live events to add to your collection. We felt it was important to not simply skip a year despite the difficulties presented to us. You can always grab a copy online on our Shop tab.


Celeste’s studio is a small space which presents challenges to the process due to the number of people in close proximity to make each calendar image happen.  With the health restrictions, and us wanting to keep everyone safe, we just can’t follow the CDC health guidelines and still make this happen right now.


“My team and I will really miss the calendar shoots this year, as we always look forward to it. We love working with the brand ambassadors and getting lots of kisses from the dogs. We’re excited to return next year and look forward to creating an amazing calendar and experience for the Pinups For Pitbulls family in 2021!”  –  Celeste Giuliano Photography


Although we are disappointed that we could not keep moving forward with this project for this year, we are grateful for your continued support!  We are proud that we are not forcing this process and putting you, or anyone else at risk.  We will continue to put a 2022 Calendar in production and are truly looking forward to next year’s Model Call and bringing everyone from this year’s Model Call along with us!  These are truly strange and difficult times.  We have tried to be flexible and nimble, and to extend deadlines; but we feel that this is the best for everyone involved.  We want you to be safe.  We want to continue helping all dogs and humans as much as we can.


Thank you so much for your understanding!


P.S. – To clarify, the model call will remain open for 2023 on our website instead of closing and reopening. Your application and all applications received through June 15, 2020 will receive second round judging status automatically. All applications received from June 16, 2020 through the end of the model call (sometime in early 2022), will go through the regular judging phases with our panel beginning with round one. We wanted to give this advantage to everyone that applied for the 2021 Model Call despite this pandemic. You still chose to apply in support of our mission despite possible financial constraints during these trying times. We love and applaud you for helping us move forward!


Pinups for Pitbulls seeks models, aspiring models, and wonderful people with no modeling experience at all — and dogs! — to pose for the 2023 Pinups for Pitbulls calendar! It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year. Here’s how to apply.

  1. ALL APPLICANTS must fill out our application below and pay the application tax-deductible donation fee of $50.00.
  2. Applicants must be 18 years or older at the time of application.
  3. Photo shoots are held in Philadelphia, PA at Celeste Giuliano Photography’s studio at a date yet to be determined. The shoot, wardrobe, and styling/direction are all paid for and provided by Pinups for Pitbulls. However, you will be responsible for traveling to the shoot and for lodging costs. We do not reimburse.
  4. Payment must be submitted through the form at the end of your application. If the donation is made elsewhere (i.e. mailed, donate button on our website, etc.) you will receive a donation “thank-you letter,” but will not be considered for the model call via that donation.
  5. Only ONE person (and/or dog) per application. You cannot submit as a “team.” There are four options to choose from when applying:
    • MODEL & DOG: You are applying to model and you’ll use your own dog. (The dog must be a pit bull-type dog.)
    • MODEL ONLY: You are applying to model without your own pit bull-type dog.
    • DOG ONLY: You are applying on behalf of a dog and not as a human model. The humans in your photos will not be considered for the application, only the canine. (The dog must be a pit bull-type dog.)
    • COVER DOG ONLY: NEW CATEGORY! Apply for your dog to be featured on the COVER of the 2023 calendar to model with our founder, Deirdre ‘Little Darling’ Franklin. Deirdre’s dog Baxter Bean was our usual cover dog but he has recently passed and this honor will now be an option for public submissions! This option is considered in tandem with the Facebook fundraising option only. Please read further for details. Please note that this photo shoot will take place on a date yet to be determined due to pandemic related restrictions. Be sure to check to see if you’re available should your dog be selected.  UPDATED: 4/4/21We have a winner from the 2021 model call Facebook Fundraiser already chosen so this will not be part of the 2023 call as a cover dog option. Anyone that applied that didn’t win the FB fundraiser will still be considered for “Dog Only” category for the 2023 call. There’s only one cover so this was the only fair way to go about it. 
  6. If you do not receive confirmation of donation, your application has not been accepted/submitted/reviewed.
  7. As a result of your application, you will automatically be added to our e-mail newsletter database. If you prefer to not receive our e-newsletter, once you receive our first newsletter, you will be given the opportunity to change your preferences.

Get a Guaranteed Spot in the Calendar!

Additional contests! 

To increase your odds of success, you can create a fundraiser for us on Facebook; the person who raises the most money (a minimum of $500) during the model call will get an automatic spot in the 2023 calendar. Here are complete instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I apply with a friend or a sibling? No. Only ONE person per application. You CANNOT submit as a “team.” You can apply as: 1 human model without a dog, 1 human model with a dog, 1 cover dog only or 1 dog needing a human model.
  2. When will the shoots take place? We will be shooting the 2023 calendar at Celeste Giuliano’s Philadelphia-based studio at a date yet to be determined.  This is a professional studio setting. Your studio day will be reserved for you, Celeste’s hair & make up team, your dog handler (if applicable), our team, and your dog (if applicable) and that’s it. Your shoot would only be a half-day long (AM or PM) sometime between 8AM-7PM EST. You will be notified of your date and time by PFPB. See what the shoots are like.
  3. Will my expenses be covered by Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc.? It will be YOUR financial responsibility to get to and from your photo shoot and to make your own travel arrangements for your dog, if you are applying with a dog or for a dog. We highly recommend considering this if you would need to fly, drive a long distance, and/or stay overnight. You can use our Airbnb referral code for $40 off.
  4. Do I need to be a Pin-Up model or have modeling experience? Do I need to provide professionally shot photographs with my application? Absolutely not! We look for individuals who embody our mission statement of education to combat breed-specific legislation, and who are working, volunteering, or advocating for any kind of dog related group regularly (OR if you plan to do so through us, that works too). The majority of our pin-ups in the calendar are animal advocates in their communities. Many of those ladies experienced pin-up modeling for their first time on the day of their shoot. All selected candidates will receive first class directing and assistance from Celeste Giuliano and her team. You do not need to submit professionally shot photographs with your application.
  5. Do I need to have tattoos? Absolutely not! Many of our past pin-ups have tattoos but that is certainly not the reason that they were selected.  Many of our past pin-ups have zero tattoos as well. Tattoos have nothing to do with our mission or work and are not part of the consideration process.
  6. Do I need to have a certain look or body type to be selected? Absolutely not! We celebrate individuals of ALL shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. Our organization is made up of predominantly women celebrating women as well as men who celebrate all women! We fight discrimination, we don’t encourage it. There is also no maximum age range to apply. You can apply if you are 18 years old or older, there is no age limit. We’ve had ladies in the calendar that were above the age of 50, don’t limit yourselves! We’re certainly not putting a limit on you!
  7. Can I apply if I am a transgender person that identifies as female? Absolutely! As long as you’re passionate about our mission, you can apply! What about guys? We prefer that guys apply FOR their dogs but are willing to entertain applications if you still wish to apply. We have had men in the calendar in past years and are not leaving the door closed.
  8. Can I apply if I do not have a pit bull-type dog? Absolutely! Please apply by selecting the “Model Only” option.
  9. I don’t want to model, but I have a charming dog that would love to be featured! Awesome! Please select the “dog only” option  OR the “cover dog only” option on the model call application There are additional rules, so please read them if you plan to choose the “cover dog only” option. We’d love to consider your dog alongside with a “model only” applicant.
  10. Will my dog have to be around other dogs at the photoshoot? We will NOT have multiple dogs on set. Your shoot date and time will be solely for you and your dog only along with your handler and our team.
  11. Can someone under the age of 18 apply, even with parental consent? No. The model call is open to all individuals over the age of 18 at the time of application. Parental consent will not be considered for underage applicants.
  12. I have applied in the past but was not selected. Is it helpful if I go online and leave comments under the model call posts about how I wasn’t selected in the past? Of course, this is NOT helpful and we would appreciate if you commented to support our cause instead. If you feel the need to bash this contest or the people taking a chance on becoming an advocate through our calendar, please do so in your own space. We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization and this calendar is one of the main ways that we are able to do such good work each year. Please do not discourage applicants from applying. We cannot select anyone that does not apply. We would also appreciate if you don’t post comments like, “maybe this will be my year” or “third times a charm” as we can guarantee that this will reduce your chances with our judging panel.  This kind of negativity can have devastating effects on our model call submission outcome. People are trying to be brave when they apply and comments like that can be quite discouraging. “Comparison is the thief of joy,” as they say, and we hope you won’t compare yourself to others when applying. 
  13. Will I hear back if I am not picked for the 2023 calendar? You may hear from our volunteer coordinator teams in your region if you’ve expressed interest in working with us even if you are not selected for the calendar. We do not notify each applicant if they are not selected as calendar finalists. We will call the individuals that are finalists to book the shoots directly after the model call judging panel completes their role. We also highly encourage you to sign up to volunteer through our e-newsletter contact form so you can begin that process regardless of this contest outcome.
  14. Any advice on how to stand out? One of the best ways to stand out to our judging panel is by helping us promote the model call and Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. regularly through your social media channels. Help to market the current calendar, share the model call application link, join our volunteer teams, and share our posts on social media. Don’t forget to tag us and hashtag #pfpbmodelcall2023 #pinupsforpitbulls so we notice you! If you’re not an active volunteer, use our contact form to begin the process.
  15. I want to apply with more than one of my dogs. Great! The more applications, the merrier! You will need to apply for an individual dog separately and note in your 2nd application that you’d like the dog to be considered with your original dog application. That can be One Model + One dog application and then a Dog Only application (per extra dog). You cannot apply for more than one dog in an application. You must specify which dog we’re considering per application. Thank you for understanding!

The Fine Print

You will be required to accept the following terms at the end of this application:

Incomplete applications cannot become winners. All items must be included at the time of application submission and cannot be submitted in partial fashion. Judging will be based on the applicant’s submission as a whole. We will also review your social media to make sure that you follow our mission and to see if you’re promoting the model call. That’s pretty darn important to us, so if you have a private page, please make it public during the model call when possible. Not OK with sharing your private page with us? Think about starting a specific page to promote the model call and tag us with it.  It will count against your application if we cannot see your social shares. If you don’t have social media, it will also not help your application but it will not necessarily disqualify you. People who regularly and passionately share our work are the folks that get the most attention from our judges. Winners will be contacted by no after the Model Call ends when we can determine a safe date to shoot the calendar and determine their ability to travel to PHILADELPHIA, PA. You will only need to attend a shoot on one of the dates that are assigned and for a total of half of one day. No special exceptions or accommodations around the date assigned to each model will be made. Entries cannot be cancelled nor changed once submitted. Winners will be publicly announced AFTER the photo shoots are completed. You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement to preserve this information if you are selected. PFPB retains all rights and permissions to utilize images sent, in any manner whatsoever, as part of this application process in order to further its mission and operations. All materials submitted become the sole property of PFPB and will not be returned to applicant. Winners who are chosen and who choose to accept our terms and conditions will be required to sign an additional contract with both PFPB and Celeste Giuliano Photography as part of their acceptance. You will NOT be able to provide your own hair, make up, wardrobe choices, or wardrobe feedback. We assure you that we will not ask you to wear anything that you are uncomfortable wearing. Contracts will be provided upon written acceptance by the applicant which must be received within 24 hours of notification by PFPB. Emails and phone calls regarding the contest WILL NOT BE RETURNED FOR ANY REASON. Read this document in its entirety and be prepared to book your own travel and expenses if you are contacted as a finalist or winner. Thank you & good luck!

My $50. 00 donation to enter the modeling contest is a tax-deductible donation to Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. to support their non profit mission. Disclaimer: I understand that Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. may use select replies for their website or social media purposes. I am giving express permission by signing this application electronically.

COVID-19 NOTICE:  Due to the difficulties that we are all facing with this recent issue, please note that we retain the right to change the dates of the contest as well as the dates of the actual photoshoots.  This may be something that we are not in control of and may be subject to the guidance of local and national governments. Based on this, we clearly state that we will retain all funds donated throughout the extent of the Model Call Contest for the continued operations of PFPB and the Contest. If we are required to change any dates, we cannot be held liable for any additional costs incurred by the Applicants. We will do our best to stick to the original schedule noted above and will communicate any required changes as they occur.  We are doing this to ensure our adherence to CDC and WHO standards while honoring any guidance passed down to us by local and Federal government entities.

Thank you so much! Good Luck!

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This is a multiple-page application — if your browser freezes or crashes, or you lose internet, you might lose your work and need to start over! We’d hate that. So use the “save and continue” button above and email the link to yourself to save your work!