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Girl Next Door? Charming Pup? Read on!

Apply to Feature Your Dog In Our 2019 calendar! Become A Brand Ambassador or Brand Ambassadog for Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. Today!

Your application helps us save lives! We have helped to prevent AND put an end to BSL in multiple cities. We are able to do so with funds from our annual model call donations. Whether you are selected or not, your donation definitely helps us with our mission.


Applications must be received by 4/3/18.

Before you proceed, you need to know the following:

  1. There is a $50 REQUIRED (tax-deductible) donation to complete this submission. No exceptions.
  2. Payment MUST be submitted THROUGH THIS FORM which will occur at the end of your application. You will be prompted to make the payment through our website. If the donation is made elsewhere (i.e. mailed, donate button on our website, etc.) you will receive a donation “thank you letter,” but will not be considered for the model call via that donation. The model application donation can be paid via Credit Card or PayPal at the end of this form. Thank you in advance!

(If you do not receive confirmation of donation, your application has not been accepted/submitted/reviewed.)

*Only ONE person per application. You CANNOT submit as a “team.” You can apply as:

  • 1 human model without a dog
  • 1 human model with a dog
  • 1 dog needing a human model (which PFPB will provide).

As a result of your application, you will automatically be added to our e-newsletter database. If you prefer to not  receive our e-newsletter, once you receive our first newsletter, you will be given the opportunity to change your preferences.

HINT: One of the best ways to stand out to our judging panel is by helping us promote the model call and Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. regularly through your social media channels. Don’t forget to tag us and hashtag #pfpbmodelcall19 #pinupsforpitbulls so we notice you!

SAVE YOUR WORK AS YOU GO! Once you’ve completed page 1, it will prompt you to save the link for your application and to email the link to yourself. It will be the ONLY way to get back to your application should your browser freeze or crash. So, please save your work!


  1. Can I apply with a friend or a sibling? No. Only ONE person per application. You CANNOT submit as a “team.” You can apply as: 1 human model without a dog, 1 human model with a dog, or 1 dog needing a human model.
  2. When will the shoots take place? Will my dog have to get along with other dogs at the photoshoot?
    All photo shoots will take place in Philadelphia, PA at Celeste Giuliano’s Photography studio. This is a professional studio setting. We will NOT have multiple dogs on set. Your studio day will be reserved for you, Celeste’s hair & make up team, your dog handler (if applicable), our team, and your dog (if applicable) and that’s it. Your shoot would only be a half day long (AM or PM) sometime on or between June 12th-18th, 2018. You will be notified of your date and time by PFPB.
  3. Will my expenses be covered by Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc.? It will be YOUR financial responsibility to get to and from your photo shoot and to make your own travel arrangements for your dog; if you are applying with a dog or for a dog. We highly recommend considering this if you would need to fly, drive a long distance, and/or stay overnight. You can use our Airbnb referral code for $40 off.
  4. Do I need to be a Pin-Up model or have modeling experience? Absolutely not. The majority of our pin-ups in the calendar are animal advocates in their communities. Many of those ladies experienced pin-up modeling for their first time on the day of their shoot. All selected candidates will receive first class directing and assistance from Celeste Giuliano and her team.
  5. Can I apply if I do not have a pit bull-type dog? Absolutely! Please apply by selecting the “Model Only” option.
  6. Do I need to have tattoos to be considered? Absolutely not! Many of our past pin-ups have tattoos but that is certainly not the reason that they were selected.  Many of our past pin-ups have zero tattoos as well.
  7. Do I need to have a certain look or body type to be selected? Absolutely not! We celebrate individuals of ALL shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. Our organization is made up of predominantly women celebrating women as well as men who celebrate all women! We fight discrimination, we don’t encourage it.
  8. I have applied in the past but was not selected. Is it helpful if I go online and leave comments under the model call posts about how I wasn’t selected in the past? Of course, this is NOT helpful and we would appreciate if you commented to support our cause instead. If you feel the need to bash this contest or the people taking a chance on becoming an advocate through our calendar, please do so in your own space. We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization and this calendar is one of the main ways that we are able to do such good work each year. Please do not discourage applicants from applying. We cannot select anyone that does not apply.
  9. Can someone under the age of 18 apply, even with parental consent? No. The model call is open to all individuals over the age of 18 at the time of application. Parental consent will not be considered for underage applicants.
  10. I don’t want to model but I have a charming dog that would love to be featured! Awesome! Please select the “dog only” option on the model call application. We’d love to consider your dog alongside with a “model only” applicant.
Still have a question that has gone unanswered? Please reply with your question in the SUBJECT LINE of your email. We will get back to you as soon as we can! We will also try to update the FAQ with new questions that have gone unanswered. Send your question to ONLY!  We will answer your questions ONLY if they are not addressed in our FAQ section. Thank you!

Here are a few samples of what your shoot day will be like! Our beloved Photographer has been featured many times!  Check out this excerpt from a Philadelphia news station!

Pinup Photography

I discovered Celeste Giuliano Photography while looking for story ideas. Celeste is an amazing Pin-up Photographer in Philadelphia and is the focus of this week’s story. I met up with her while she photographed Denise who is surprising her husband with Pin-up photos. Most of Celeste’s models are not professionals and it was fun to watch how Denise came to life during the photo session.

Posted by Bill Rohrer Fox 29 on Saturday, January 30, 2016

2013 Calendar Shoot Video:

Thank you so much! Good Luck!