Worth More Alive Campaign with Lexy the Elderbull, Sharktopia, and Sharks4Kids

“Worth More Alive”

Sometimes there’s a thing that is so important, so pivotal that you need to sing your heart out and share it.

And so it is wtih Lexy and Bruce as they invite you to share in thier mssion to educate and promote the beauty that are pitbull type dogs and sharks. To help them spread the word that these amazing animals are important, deserving of respect and life. When we all raise our voices together in song it’s infectious and you can’t help but tap your toes, and open your heart.

Both these magestic animals face terrible discrimination based on misinformation, fear and hate. They suffer unspeakable cruelty and many are killed as a result of this lack of education and willingfull cruelty.

Lexy and Bruce are here to remind us that the lives of sharks and pitbull type dogs are important and are worth more to this world than people realize. They are Worth More Alive.. to you, me and our communities.

We can learn so much from these amazing animals and they make our lives better.
Thank you…. #LexyAndBruce

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Fox 29 Philadelphia Feature!

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Our Founder's Master's Thesis Has Been Published! Download your free copy!

The research performed provided several insights and outcomes that were anticipated in the research question. By analyzing the effects of breed specific legislation (BSL) and the statistics relative to dog bites, dog shelters and rescue groups, it became clear that the BSL does not work. This case study provides extensive proof to support this conclusion.

Recommended Citation
Franklin, Deirdre S., “Public Policy: Community Safety Through Breed Bans?” (2013). Animals and Public Policy. 1.

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