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What We Do

PFPB raises funds through sales of our exclusive merchandise, hosted events, auctions of donated art work, and donations from our thousands of fans.

As PFPB is a registered 501c3 not-for-profit organization, all of the money raised returns directly to the cause.  Our tax returns and accounting are transparent, and everything we do is accomplished with the dogs in mind.

Our funds are utilized in many different ways:

First and foremost, we are a group of humane educators.  PFPB works alongside dog trainers, behaviorists, rescue organizations, and other animal welfare groups to obtain only the most recent, well researched information possible.  Funds are used to create educational materials, train our staff of volunteers, and host educational seminars and programs for the public.  PFPB believes that education is the key to combat breed discrimination, animal cruelty, and pet over-population.  In its most recent collaboration with Kansas-based Game Dog Guardian, PFPB has created a new and cutting-edge set of educational materials and quick fact guides that will help any dog owner or animal lover effectively and logically defend their companions against breed discriminatory laws that threaten their cities and towns.  With Game Dog Guardian’s help, PFPB hopes to enter schools and city parks to educate about proper dog ownership and humane treatment of animals in order to reduce abuse and animal fighting nationwide.

PFPB also directly helps dogs in need.  Most recently, PFPB’s Little Darling was on the front lines of the Winslow Township dog hoarding bust, helping humane law officers handle, treat, and re-home over thirty pit-bull type dogs seized from one property.  PFPB has also assisted in numerous emergency rescue situations, pulling dogs from high-kill shelters, and sponsoring others that rescuers could reach them in time.

We believe that all dogs can be rehabilitated, and all dogs deserve a chance.  PFPB has sponsored the health care and veterinary bills for countless dogs over the years, including victims of severe cruelty Willie and Kate who suffered axe wounds to the skull before they were rescued, and Leonidas the Brave, a puppy who was dangled over a fence as bait for fighting dogs, losing two of his limbs.  PFPB will support any rescue organization or shelter that is pit-bull type dog friendly, practices humane training methods, and believes that each life is worthy of its time.  PFPB supports positive reinforcement training, smart dog handling methods, and an overall sense of proper dog ownership.

Partnering with other humane educators such as the star of Animal Planet’s Pit Boss Luigi “Shorty” Rossi and author of the bestselling book Oogy: the Dog Only a Family Could Love Larry Levin, PFPB raises awareness for the plight facing pit-bull type dogs and shelter dogs in the world today.  Through its efforts to garner positive media attention and draw crowds at its events across the country, PFPB hopes that every person that they can reach with their message will embrace it, share it, and help to change the current status for pit-bull type dogs around the world.