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Hurricane Harvey Rescue Needs List

From Puppy Mill Free Texas & Bailing Out Benji page: “As you know, Hurricane Harvey has caused massive amounts of and flooding across the Texas coast and inland. Luckily, many rescues and shelters were able to transfer their animals to rescues and shelters farther inland, but there will be a lot of cleanup and work to be done before these animals can return. In the meantime, we are putting together a list of rescues and shelters that need donations. This storm is not over yet, and we do not have a full view of how bad the destruction will be. If you know of any rescues or shelters that need donations (food/supplies/money), please add them in the comments.”

We’ll do our best to edit and update regularly. Please include donations needs and links to where people can donate. ”

Shared by Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc.for our Texas neighbors!

Know of a page that should be added that isn’t on this list? Email with direct links to the efforts being made by the group and their website link as well. We’ll do our best to update this list appropriately! xo Deirdre


Just Added:

Friends for Life No Kill Animal Shelter: Houston-Based

Per an email that we’ve received from an adopter, C. McWilliams:

“FFL is the group working with BARC at the George R Brown to coordinate the volunteers and suppliers, while BARC does the intake.  FFL has posted a list of needs on one of their FB posts.  BARC has done the same.  “

The Cattery CC Corpus Christi, TX

124 cats sent to SPCA of TX.

HSAC of Rockport-Fulton (See FB Link for updates by clicking their info herein)

Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter Is taking animals in from flooded areas. Needs fosters for medium and large dogs.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary – Relocated animals and will most likely lose thousands in hay.

SPCA of Texas took in 120 cats from a rescue in Corpus Christi.  or through their Amazon Wish List. 

Central Texas Pig Rescue – major flooding. Needs to repair fences and pig shelters.

Animal Friends of Port Aransas, Inc.
Has not been able to assess the damage yet but got all animals out.

Gulf Coast Humane Society
all animals safe. Looking for donations for their pet food pantry

SPCA of Brazoria County
Needs donations to get through the next few weeks. Donate through Amazon wish list .

Bastrop Animal Rescue
– Rescuing animals from flooded areas.

Austin Pets Alive! taking in animals from flooded areas.

Austin Humane Society
– taking in cats from flooded areas

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services
– temp shelter for animals of evacuees They are in need of pet food, newspapers, bedding, and enrichment toys.

Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption
taking in dogs from shelters near the coast. Donations needed

Wags, Hope and Healing – Austin Area Animal Rehabilitation… – taking in animals from the coast. Needs fosters, crates, and towels. to foster or go to to arrange pickup of supplies.

We will be adding this list for to resources page and will update frequently to help you find it with ease.

Sending loving light out to our Texas neighbors. ❤️✨❤️

Xo Little Darling, Pinups for Pitbulls