Creating a Facebook Fundraiser


We hope everyone is doing well and maintaining their livelihoods the best that they can during this unprecedented time.  As you know, we have all been affected by the restrictions and potential health effects of this pandemic.


We have had to alter many plans due to countless event cancellations and postponements, as well as the general public suddenly being faced with decreased income opportunities and an uncertain future.  Because of this, we have been forced to change our plans again for the Model Call.  As you know, this typically takes place from January through March, with the shoots taking place in June in Philadelphia, PA with Celeste Giuliano Photography.  We had originally extended the Model Call through mid-June, 2020 in order to allow everyone additional opportunities, as well as a later timeline to avoid health & travel-related restrictions.


At this point, we have had to make the difficult decision to defer the Calendar Shoots for the 2021 Calendar.  But please do not feel discouraged; everyone who has applied will automatically be moved on to the second round of voting for next year’s Model Call and the 2022 Calendar.  You put forth the effort to apply and your donations have been keeping us afloat so we can continue our work. We want to recognize you for that.  You do not have to reapply next year!  You are automatically moving on to the second round of judging if you have applied through June 15, 2020!  For our Facebook Fundraisers, you too are being moved on to the next round!  Additional recognition and consideration is always given to those who take the extra steps to help fund this organization and help spread our mission!  We are still honoring the highest Facebook fundraiser (from the 2021 model call opening date through June 15, 2020) with a guaranteed spot for next year’s 2022 Calendar Shoots!


We have decided to let the contest still run into next year, at a date yet to be determined, to allow people more time to apply at their leisure.  All other rules and guidance can still be found on the application page at


This was a very difficult decision for us to make.  We look forward to this process every year and as well as welcoming new members into our team and family! We look forward to getting back into this process as soon as possible and just want everyone to stay safe, healthy, and not have to worry about travel arrangements or their health with all of the challenges facing everyone.


We know that the public relies on us each year to put out a beautiful calendar with wonderful images of dogs and their people.  We still want to provide this! It’s a vital tool for our organization to open up community conversations about dogs and safety.   Due to the financial constraints that 2020 has presented for our organization, we will be creating a “Best Of” calendar for 2021 based on images used in past calendars.  We will still have a team of dedicated judges who are familiar with our history and operations and will be working closely with Celeste and David to create a calendar that still adds excitement and features our beloved dogs in a positive light! After travel restrictions ease and events start again, we will be able to provide a 2021 Calendar to add to your collection. We felt it was important to not simply skip a year despite the difficulties presented to us.


Celeste’s studio is a small space which presents challenges to the process due to the number of people in close proximity to make each calendar image happen.  With the health restrictions, and us wanting to keep everyone safe, we just can’t follow the CDC health guidelines and still make this happen right now.


“My team and I will really miss the calendar shoots this year, as we always look forward to it. We love working with the brand ambassadors and getting lots of kisses from the dogs. We’re excited to return next year and look forward to creating an amazing calendar and experience for the Pinups For Pitbulls family in 2021!”  –  Celeste Giuliano Photography


Although we are disappointed that we could not keep moving forward with this project for this year, we are grateful for your continued support!  We are proud that we are not forcing this process and putting you, or anyone else at risk.  We will continue to put a 2021 Calendar in production and are truly looking forward to next year’s Model Call and bringing everyone from this year’s Model Call along with us!  These are truly strange and difficult times.  We have tried to be flexible and nimble, and to extend deadlines; but we feel that this is the best for everyone involved.  We want you to be safe.  We want to continue helping all dogs and humans as much as we can.


Thank you so much for your understanding!


P.S. – To clarify, the model call will remain open for 2022 on our website instead of closing and reopening. Your application and all applications received through June 15, 2020 will receive second round judging status automatically. All applications received from June 16, 2020 through the end of the model call (sometime in early 2021), will go through the regular judging phases with our panel beginning with round one. We wanted to give this advantage to everyone that applied for 2021 despite this pandemic. You still chose to apply in support of our mission despite possible financial constraints during these trying times. We love and applaud you for helping us move forward!


As you may know, we are a registered 501(C)3  non-profit and this is our biggest fundraiser. That being said, we have decided to add an alternative way to boost your application’s success in the 2021 Model Call! Create a Facebook Fundraiser and copy in this post:

“I am applying for the 2021 Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc (PFPB) model call this year! PFPB is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to educate people about the history, temperament, and plight of the pit bull-type dog; raising awareness to rally against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and Breed Discriminatory Laws (BDL). PFPB’s goal is to restore the image of the pit bull-type dog to its former reputation of America’s companion animal, war hero, and family member. The applicant who raises the most money for this non-profit gets an automatic spot in the 2021 calendar! Please donate and support me and this wonderful cause!”


The applicant who raises the most ($500.00 USD minimum) with their fundraiser during the month of the open call (March 15th-June 15th) gets an automatic spot in our 2021 calendar. The date range in consideration will be March 15th-June 15th, 2020. All donations made before or after will be gratefully accepted, but will not count toward this contest goal. If there is a tie, we will extend the dates until there’s a clear winner.

All of the other model spots will be chosen from the rest of the applications that were submitted. YOU MUST STILL APPLY THROUGH THE REGULAR APPLICATION PROCESS TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL CHANNEL.

If you do not have a Facebook page, this option will not be feasible. You must have an active Facebook page to participate in this optional additional way to solidify your spot in our calendar.

Follow the directions on the pictures below to create your fundraiser (click to enlarge). Be sure to set the end date to June 15th, 2020 at 11:59PM EST and a minimum goal of at least $500.00 USD. Once your fundraiser is live, you can customize it and share it however you want to boost your funds raised. Share it throughout the months of April through June to increase your fundraising (don’t forget to tag us) and have fun!

This option is to be considered for an AUTOMATIC spot in the 2021 calendar (Model only, Model and Dog, Dog Only options). This is also available for the Cover Dog Only option this year!

The rest of the calendar model spots will be chosen from the remaining applicants as always. All funds raised through the donation fundraising option will be accepted and used to further our mission at Pinups for Pitbulls, so no matter what, you’re helping further our cause and we are forever grateful to you!