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UPDATE: 3/18/15

Thank you so much for your interest in the 2016 Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. Model Call! At this time, the model call has ended. Don’t worry, you can still get involved with our cause all year long! Just visit the contact form and we’ll gladly send you more information about how to stay involved!

All finalists have been notified and photo shoot contracts have been signed. As a result, the model call is officially closed.  If for any reason one of the finalists cannot make it, we will notify you by calling you directly if you are next in line. We had over 100 finalists that wowed us beyond words and had to turn that list into 12. It was nearly impossible to sort out.  Please do not be discouraged if you were not selected. We receive hundreds of applications and only have 12 spaces to fill. We don’t enjoy turning anyone away. This cause is near and dear to our hearts and working with us all year long is always an option! Use the contact form today to get involved! Together we are saving lives and ending canine discrimination for good! Join us! We need you. The dogs need you.

Hugs with all 4 paws,
Deirdre ‘Little Darling’ Franklin and the Pinups for Pitbulls Team

 January collage_2015 SUCCESS STORIES PFPB

A note from my heart. <3

I am excited to announce that I’m learning a lot with this year’s model call. Thus far I’ve learned that:

  1. A lot of people had no idea that we need volunteers all year long and not just to pose in the calendar. (This was truly the biggest shocker to me but I love learning so this will also help!)
  2. We have inspired a lot of people to adopt, use positive training, and many applicants have even adopted dogs through our courtesy posts.
  3. Many people feel trapped and confused by their “trainers” who have insisted that they use prong, shock, or choke/force. Many rescue groups insist that this is the best and only way. (This part is not news to me but it is certainly helpful as we establish annual goals for education). Many of you do not think this is an issue at all and we’re open to your perspective as well. We want to work together to make the world a better place for dogs. We might not agree on every detail and that is part of working towards change. This is not an “us vs. them” cause, we are in this together and we mean that heart and soul. We are all learning. We are all capable of doing more and doing better.
  4. Many people in the Philadelphia metro area have no idea that we have events in that region. A great deal of assumptions were made about events and volunteering in general. In this case, assumptions are good because we want to know where people are coming from and their perspective on what we are doing and what we are trying to do. I am VERY open to new ways to reach people outside of our regular events and website/social media. Please feel free to comment and leave suggestions. Our annual board meeting is in March so this is well-timed.

This has been the most educational year for me as the founder. It might be the way that we framed the questions this year. This leads me to believe that we should absolutely keep the model call open to the public next year, as well. So, for those of you who were concerned, I will do my best to ensure that we still offer it again.

What people don’t know is how all encompassing this process is long before the applications even go up. It’s expensive and very time consuming and I often want to find funding and sponsors to help alleviate those challenges, but every year we almost start anew, especially since we are unique and are not funded by grants. This is also why we asked for suggestions from our applicants on new and innovative ways that PFPB can get our message out. This cause is my life. I won’t rest until dogs are safe. I love being able to offer something that is inclusive and that crosses into new boundaries year after year. With that, it should also be known that is makes me sad and stresses me out when we have to get the # down to 12 people. Know that it is never personal if you aren’t selected. We have to think about so many factors including growing new regions, expanding our mission, finding people who will make the time to further our cause, and so much more. If you applied, we are grateful to you. You are helping us do this. It is truly for the dogs and only about the dogs. We aren’t “star makers” though many people come to us as bright lights that will help us move this great cause forward. Know that we smile and cheer at each and every dog photo that we review as well. You are each beautiful and special and have amazing hearts. We see it and we love you for it. We are always proud of the ladies who talk about how they feel about themselves and who want to stop hating the person in the mirror and instead, want to see past their own issues to make the world a better place for dogs. I want to hug each and every one of you. You are not alone. You are brave and you are a gift. Life is very precious and it will end for all of us. Let’s do good while we are all still here and are able to do something!

Thank you for reading this if you made it this far. Feel free to comment and leave any helpful feedback or your own thoughts in general.

If you applied, please know that we want you to work with us ALL year not just at model time. This organization grows each year because of people who elect to join up, stand with us at events, host their own events, spread our street team materials, build alliances and community, and because of creative and positive energy. This is about us working together to end canine discrimination so that we can all enjoy our families without worrying that they’ll be shot, poisoned, or dragged away because of how they look. This is no way to live. We want to change this forever.

Much Love,
Deirdre ‘Little Darling’ Franklin

Photo Collage is from the January 2015 courtesy posts that we offered on the Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. that resulted in 18 dogs going into permanent homes or foster care. We are proud of the work that we do and we want you to stay involved.